Jimmy Carter addresses Ghanaian children 2007

In 1982, former president Jimmy Carter founded the Carter Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing peace and health worldwide. The center monitors elections, engages in efforts to advance human rights and democracy, and works to eradicate diseases in poorer countries. In this particular image, Jimmy Carter is addressing children in Savelugu Ghana, an area plagued by the Guinea Worm Disease. He has just asked, “Who here has had Guinea worm disease?” Through the efforts of the Carter Center, the Guinea Worm Disease is almost eradicated. Only 1,100 cases were reported worldwide in 2011. The disease is caused by drinking contaminated water. What standard did Carter set in building the Carter Center immediately after his 1982 defeat? How is did Carter’s photographs with these Ghanaian children help the efforts of Guinea worm disease? 

Carter Speaks to Ghanaian children on February 8, 2007.
Carter Speaks to Ghanaian children February 8, 2007. Savelugu, Ghana. From the Carter Center Health Photos Collection.

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